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D. J. Young, III, Partner - Young & McCarthy LLP 31387 Lorain Road, Cleveland, OH

“I worked as an attorney in the same office as Mr. Ramirez for three years, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to observe him in trial.  He loves litigation and has extensive trial experience.  He is fearless in a courtroom.  And, he is intelligent, kind, and professionally excellent.”  

D. J. Young, III 

Young & McCarthy LLP, Cleveland, Ohio

Success Stories

Trial Experience

 Assistant United States Attorney, 2004-2019

U.S. Marine Judge Advocate 1992-2004

  • Tried over 50 jury trials in Military and Federal Courts
  • Prosecuted over 1,000 federal cases in grand jury proceedings
  • Handled over 2,000 federal sentencing cases in federal court
  • Numerous motions hearings involving motions to suppress
  • Over 200 Petitions to vacate supervised release
  • Thousands of misdemeanor cases before federal magistrate judge
  • Hundreds of detention, identity, and probable cause hearings in magistrate court

Distinguished Service With the Military

 As a Marine Judge Advocate, I served as Trial Counsel, Military Justice Officer, Defense Counsel, Legal Assistance Officer and Review Officer in over 300 special and general courts-martial, administrative discharge hearings, 

and pretrial investigations.  I retired from the Marine Corps in 2004.  

Personal awards include Meritorious Service Medals (3), Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, National Defense Medal, and Global War on Terror Service Medal.  I also served as an Infantry Officer and commanded mortar, infantry, and LAV-25 platoons. 

US Army Ranger and Airborne qualified.